Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Entrepreneur, Rebecca Pickens

Rebecca Pickens was the second entrepreneur interview I performed.  Rebecca owns a small business taking orders for trophies, screen printed shirts, and plaques.  Most of Rebecca's orders come from sports teams.  Rebecca started business after looking into several type businesses that would give her the luxury of having a somewhat flexible schedule.  She considered this type business because her mother and father in-law have a similar business and their help was invaluable.  Rebecca doesn't have any employees and doesn't plan on hiring any.  She prefers to keep the business small and perform the work herself.  Thank you, Rebecca for giving me the opportunity to talk with you.  I wish you every success!

Note:  Unfortunately, video footage of this interview was lost.

Entrepreneur, Tracy Ponder

My first entrepreneur interview was with my husband, Tracy Ponder.  Tracy and I have been growing our business for over twenty years.  We're in the heating and cooling business and recently downsized our business due to the housing industry collapse.  Before the collapse, the business had twenty-five employees; now the business has ten.  Tracy recalls the height of the business and remembers that the hardest and most frustrating thing about growing a business is business structure.  He fully understands the hardship of assuming role as technician and owner.  He sees the current housing market as a blessing in disguise, giving him opportunity to restructure the business to properly prepare for growth.  Of all the entrepreneurs I interviewed, Tracy was the only one who dreams of achieving a world-class company.  I believe Tracy understands how to structure a business as a world-class company.  He understands that removing oneself from technician is fundamental in reaching this goal.  I wish him the best in achieving his dreams!

Note:  Unfortunately, video footage of this interview is lost.

Interviewing another cohort member

I had the pleasure to talk with several cohort members and enjoyed hearing how that most of us have the same entrepreneur spirit. It was very interesting to learn that most of us aren't into entrepreneurship for the money; rather, we just want to follow our passion by fulfilling needs.

One cohort member in particular, Ellie Graham, isn't in the master program for the grade or for monetary motives. Rather, she esteems to be an entrepreneur for the purpose of helping other ladies with finances. You can hear my conversation with Ellie via. blog post.

Another cohort member I talked with, Tracy Brener, decided to start the master's program for better career opportunity.  Tracy and her husband hope to start a restaurant in the near future.  My impression of her was that she is very professional and a quick learner.  She was very patient in explaining Skype to me and even suggested VodBurner, a free recording program.  Another cohort member suggested VodBurner to Tracy.  It was Tracy's second exposure to Skype and first exposure to VodBurner.  I'm sorry to say that our complete conversation got lost somewhere along the way but it was such a pleasure to talk with Tracy.  I'm sure she'll be successful in her restaurant endeavor!

Published Article

Yippee!! I created my first online article about entrepreneurship - and was VERY excited when I received an "accepted" notice from the online host. I wrote my article about the basics of creating a company. These basics are like bones in the body. In my opinion, every new company should strive to achieve this basic structure. You can see a copy of my online article here:

Cohort Member Interview - Ellie Graham


Entrepreneur, Donna Carlson

Entrepreneur, Debi White